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Robotic Hand Unmatched Performance
Oriimec Corporation of America is a manufacturing leader in providing automation solutions to the stamping and wire forming industries. Used worldwide, the Orii and Mec equipment lines are well-known for high-quality design and superior performance.

The Orii division provides pressroom robots and coil handling equipment while the Mec division offers a line of spring making machinery capable of producing a wide variety of springs and wire forms.

Offering a full line of pressroom robots, transfer systems, coil handling systems and equipment, straightener/feeders, leveling casters and pads, & more.
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Offering the latest CNC spring making machines, capable of producing springs with wire diameters of 0.00079-0.078 inches (0.02mm-2mm).
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The Solutions Leader in Metal and Wire Forming Industries
Orii Mec Parts Service What's New About ORIIMEC Media Contact Us

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