This control system for coil feeders is a new addition to our line of straightener/feeders and feeders for the Japanese market.

The system enables centralized management of all the information required.
This total operation system includes various new functions to diversify and enhance products and shorten work times.



[Includes Allen-Bradley Control System]


Allen-Bradley  Controlerの写真

  • Accurate and highly safe operation

    A touch panel type LCD display is used to improve operability and dramatically increase the amount of information that can be displayed. The screens and information you want to check can be displayed with a single touch, even during operation and preparation.

  • Use centrally managed data to immediately start operation

    The larger data retention capacity enables processing values and conditions to be registered as up to 99 types of product data, which enables production and processing of the next product with a single touch.

  • Easily check production schedules

    Expected production information such as estimated processing times can be displayed in addition to current production information such as the current feed length.

  • Useful for inspections and maintenance

    Machine operation statistics can be displayed for easy checking of the life of parts such as consumables. This enables better maintenance and inspections, and allows problems to be avoided and appropriate countermeasures to be taken. The equipment monitoring functions have also been enhanced to ensure that the optimal operation state is always maintained.

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