Company Restructuring Encompasses Three Promotions

May 3rd, 2021 by

We’re pleased to announce a restructuring in conjunction with our company name change, which took affect earlier this year.

In the restructuring, Vice President Kenji Miyasako was promoted to executive vice president. Ben F. McGuire was promoted from North American sales manager to vice president of sales, and Brad Stinson was promoted from service engineer to assistant service manager.

As executive vice president, Kenji oversees the daily operations of sales, service, and business administration for Amada Press System America. He also has additional responsibilities for the Amada Press System group. In August 2016, Kenji became vice president of ORIIMEC (which changed its name to Amada Orii in 2018) and has worked for our home company for more than 30 years.


Introducing Amada Press System America

February 22nd, 2021 by

We’re excited to announce that, as of February 1, our company name is Amada Press System America Inc.

This change is in line with our parent company’s current name – Amada Press System Co. Ltd. – and will help reduce confusion.

The new name change also allows us to leverage the considerable brand equity the Amada name has in its other markets. And it better represents the full “system” nature of our press business, including coil handling equipment and press-to-press transfer robots.

Speaking of our business units, we will continue to use the ORII and MEC brand names because of their clear brand leadership in their respective fields.


Compact Feed Lines Deliver Big Benefits

January 7th, 2021 by

Traditional coil feeding system

Traditional coil feeding system

Traditional feed lines require a lot of space that can be put to better use on today’s plant floor. As companies strive to wring the most value out of their factory space, they look for new solutions that can deliver the same or better feeding and straightening capabilities yet occupy a smaller footprint.

Enter compact feed lines. Taking up three to four times less space than a tradition feed, or tandem, line, space-saving straightener-feeders provide important advantages. They can deliver economic efficiency, a smaller footprint, high accuracy and unparalleled performance.

The smaller footprint offers several benefits. In some cases, a compact feed line can pay for itself in the amount of floor space it conserves. It can also create enough space to allow the installment of additional equipment, expanding the factory’s production capacity. (more…)

New Servo Press Now Available for Demonstrations

December 4th, 2020 by

AMADA ORII SDE1120 i3 straight-side frame direct-drive servo pressAMADA ORII is pleased to announce the installation of SDE 1120 SF servo press for demonstration purposes at Ajacs Die Sales Corporation’s facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Potential customers now have the opportunity to see, touch and feel the actual product.

Specs for the demo press, which features our newest controls, include:

  • 121 U.S. tons
  • Up to 70 strokes per minute, with faster rates available in pendulum mode
  • 7.87” stroke length
  • 40.55”x27.55”x5.31” bolster

Just as the name implies, the motion of a servo press is controlled by a direct-drive servo motor rather than the traditional flywheel of a mechanical press. The servo motor mated with our new controls allows for an infinite number of motion programs unique to the Amada direct-drive servo press, as well as the ability to slow down the slide at the bottom of the stroke. Because of the wide range of motion, each servo press can produce a greater variety of parts compared to a mechanical press. (more…)

Amada Orii Line Spells Success for Nuclear Components Manufacturer

November 4th, 2020 by

TP-45FX stamping pressThe power of the Amada brand and our consultative approach to sales recently combined for a win for a new Amada Orii customer.

The manufacturer of components for nuclear reactors, gas plants and refineries out-sources the forming of a wide range of parts to other companies and wanted to bring the creation of one of those parts back in house.

A major challenge was the high degree of accuracy required for the part, which would be manufactured at the customer’s South Carolina plant.

The company originally was interested in an Amada press because of the success it’s achieved with another Amada piece of equipment. The machine has operated for 20 years without a single problem.

Another factor in the company’s decision to go with an Amada press was its tour of an existing Amada Orii customer’s plant. The components manufacturer was impressed with the system and knew something similar would work for its operation, as well. (more…)

New Position Sets Amada Orii, Customers on Path to Growth

September 3rd, 2020 by

We’re pleased to introduce Joe Palcher as our first sales administration and business operations manager, based out of our Erlanger, KY, headquarters.

The creation of the position is a direct result of our commitment to the growth of our customers and of our industry. Before the pandemic hit, we saw a steady increase in business and expect that to continue as the economy picks up.

While other companies may be downsizing or hitting the pause button, Amada Orii is actively looking toward the future. As business grows, we plan to be the go-to supplier for the stamping, feeding equipment and spring-making machine markets.

With Joe in place, we’re strategically positioned for an even faster response on quotations. His position will benefit both the sales and service sides of Amada Orii’s business, with the ability to pivot quickly to meet customers’ needs.

Joe is a particularly good fit for the position because his fluency in Japanese is beneficial to communications with our colleagues from Japan. Improved internal communication means improved service for our customers. (more…)

Oriimec to showcase Press Transfer System and Compact Feed Technology at FABTECH

October 26th, 2018 by


ORII is a recognized name in press automation. Having captured more than 50% of the Japanese automotive metal stamping market, ORII is considered the go-to brand for press transfer systems and coil feeders.

The company will display its latest press transfer system and compact feed technology at North America’s largest trade show for metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing – FABTECH 2018, Nov. 6-8 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga.

Oriimec will display its LCC10HR Compact Coil Feeder in Booth #A1715. Its RHQ120 Press Transfer System will be in operation as part of the Komatsu exhibition at Booth #A1819.

Oriimec offers extensive engineering expertise to its customers, providing customized press automation solutions that meet the most stringent production requirements, budgetary goals and footprint limitations.

Learn more about Oriimec’s press transfer systems and coil feeders, or contact us for more information.

Visit Oriimec at FABTECH, Nov. 6-8, Booth #A1715.

See the Latest in Press Room Automation at FABTECH

September 20th, 2017 by

An innovative transfer robot for metal stamping machinery that improves speed and accuracy and no longer requires presses to be stopped during the transfer process will be on display Nov. 6-9, 2017, at FABTECH in Chicago’s McCormick Place.

Oriimec will showcase an entire press transfer system, featuring its ORII RHQ transfer robot and Komatsu presses, as part of its press automation booth, #A5048.

Also on display for the North American metal forming market, will be the ORII HR3 compact press feeder, in use with Komatsu presses at Komatsu Booth #A5231.

RHQ Transfer Robot

The RHQ surpasses the performance of older robot transfer technologies that required the press to stop before the robot could move in and out of the press.

The RHQ press automation robot utilizes two-axis, servo-driven technology to improve speed and accuracy and synchronizes with the stamping machine’s crank motion to maximize strokes per minute in processing time.

Advantages of Press-to-Press Transfer Systems

Orii’s series of press robots support press room automation with refined designs and a wide variety of types and variations.

Press-to-press robotic transfer systems offer a number of advantages for stamping manufacturers:

  • System flexibility: ORII press-to-press robots offer the ability to change the stamping machinery layout without having to make facility or foundation modifications.
  • Lower cost: The initial investment cost is much lower than a dedicated transfer press system, including accessory equipment to handle large tooling on the shop floor and in the toolroom.
  • Adaptable to various stamping machines and configurations: ORII press-to-press transfer systems work with gap-frame presses to straight-side stamping machines. A wide range of peripheral components can be combined with ORII’s press transfer systems to construct flexible and efficient lines. Attachments and peripheral devices enable free line configurations, such as U-shaped and L-shaped stamping machinery lines.

HR3 Series Compact Press Feeder

The ORII HR3 Series compact press feeder offers features that set it apart from other manufacturers’ feeding equipment.

More power and intelligent functions have been added to a system offering multi-purpose capabilities.

To provide additional human working space, the size has been compacted to a total length of 3,734 mm (LCC04, 05, 06 HR3) without sacrificing functionality. The press feeder handles material from 400 mm (15 inches) to 1,300 mm (51 inches) wide and up to 6.0 mm (0.236 inch) thick and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

ORII offers nine models of straightener-feeder systems that have been updated to include 25 variations. The company incorporated extensive knowledge of metal stamping and feedback from customers to provide updated systems that satisfy every need.

ORII compact press feeders efficiently process materials from .012 inch to .472 inch thick and up to 74 inches wide.

Why Buy ORII Press Automation Equipment?

With more than 50% of the Japanese automotive metal stamping market, Oriimec has become the go-to company for press-to-press transfer systems and coil feed systems. Oriimec works closely with its metal stamping customers to ensure the absolute highest quality in engineering and automation.

Its compact feed systems have been copied but never duplicated.

Visit Oriimec at FABTECH, Booth #A5048 or contact us at 859-746-3318 for more information about ORII press room automation equipment.


Oriimec Updates Website with In-Stock Equipment, Videos, Blog

June 28th, 2017 by

Oriimec has expanded its website to include a page devoted to in-stock equipment, has added equipment demo videos to its home page and has added a blog to provide more frequent information about the company’s product offerings and other news.

DZ-3 Coiling Torsion Spring Machine DZ-3 Coiling Torsion Spring Machine

The new in-stock equipment page features several lines of both ORII coil handling equipment and MEC spring machines, that are available for immediate delivery, including:

The company also added a new section of equipment demo videos to its home page, along with a company capabilities video.  The video section links to Oriimec’s YouTube channel, where customers and prospects can view additional videos.

“Our goal is to make the Oriimec website informative and useful for our customers and prospects with new content added on a regular basis,” said Oriimec President Keiji Hamada.

View the In-Stock Equipment page or contact Oriimec for more information about its coil handling equipment and spring machines.