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Amada Orii Line Spells Success for Nuclear Components Manufacturer

November 4th, 2020 by

TP-45FX stamping pressThe power of the Amada brand and our consultative approach to sales recently combined for a win for a new Amada Orii customer.

The manufacturer of components for nuclear reactors, gas plants and refineries out-sources the forming of a wide range of parts to other companies and wanted to bring the creation of one of those parts back in house.

A major challenge was the high degree of accuracy required for the part, which would be manufactured at the customer’s South Carolina plant.

The company originally was interested in an Amada press because of the success it’s achieved with another Amada piece of equipment. The machine has operated for 20 years without a single problem.

Another factor in the company’s decision to go with an Amada press was its tour of an existing Amada Orii customer’s plant. The components manufacturer was impressed with the system and knew something similar would work for its operation, as well.

Using our results-driven, consultative approach, we reviewed key data points, including tooling size and requirements for through-put and tonnage, with the company. An Amada Orii tooling engineer worked with the manufacturer to identify the best solution for its application.

The final decision landed on a TP-45FX press coupled with an LCC 03KR3 compact straightener-feeder to provide the accuracy and dependability the company required. The TP-FX press series is prized for single-hit stamping operations, such as blanking, bending and drawing, as well as progressive die stamping. The LCC 03KR3 handles material as wide as 300 mm (11″) and as thick as 3.2 mm (0.126”).

Two Amada Orii service staff members installed the line and trained the manufacturer on its use.

The operation has proved so successful that the components maker plans to bring the creation of another 15-20 outsourced parts in house. It expects to purchase additional Amada Orii lines to complete the process.

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