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Compact Feed Lines Deliver Big Benefits

January 7th, 2021 by
Traditional coil feeding system

Traditional coil feeding system

Traditional feed lines require a lot of space that can be put to better use on today’s plant floor. As companies strive to wring the most value out of their factory space, they look for new solutions that can deliver the same or better feeding and straightening capabilities yet occupy a smaller footprint.

Enter compact feed lines. Taking up three to four times less space than a tradition feed, or tandem, line, space-saving straightener-feeders provide important advantages. They can deliver economic efficiency, a smaller footprint, high accuracy and unparalleled performance.

The smaller footprint offers several benefits. In some cases, a compact feed line can pay for itself in the amount of floor space it conserves. It can also create enough space to allow the installment of additional equipment, expanding the factory’s production capacity.

While some compact feed lines present disadvantages like camber, our long history with space-saving straightener-feeders ensures you get the best of all possible worlds. ORII first began building feed equipment in 1961 in Japan and delivered the first Space-Saver line in 1979. Along the way we, developed technologies to solve issues and overcome disadvantages, setting us apart from other manufacturers.

Our compact straightener-feeders offer important features like an auto straightening function and auto coil loading system. These features save set-up time, improve operator safety and boost productivity. ORII equipment also is constructed much heavier than competitors’ models, providing built-in durability and reliability.

Compact coil feeding system

Compact coil feeding system

ORII space-saving feed lines are available in a wide range of specifications:

  • Stock widths, from 20 mm to 2,000 mm
  • Stock thicknesses, from 0.1 mm to 12 mm
  • Coil weight, up to 20 tons
  • Line speed, up to 40 meters per minute

Our models range from the LCC KR3 Series for small applications to the LCC HR3 Series for medium applications  and the LCC PM2  Series for large applications.

We offer the TP-CCS Control System, which covers many functions needed at production sites, as well as Mitsubishi control systems in an all-inch display.

Contact us today to learn how your production line can benefit from an ORII space-saving straightener-feeder.