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New Servo Press Now Available for Demonstrations

December 4th, 2020 by

AMADA ORII SDE1120 i3 straight-side frame direct-drive servo pressAMADA ORII is pleased to announce the installation of SDE 1120 SF servo press for demonstration purposes at Ajacs Die Sales Corporation’s facility in Grand Rapids, MI. Potential customers now have the opportunity to see, touch and feel the actual product.

Specs for the demo press, which features our newest controls, include:

  • 121 U.S. tons
  • Up to 70 strokes per minute, with faster rates available in pendulum mode
  • 7.87” stroke length
  • 40.55”x27.55”x5.31” bolster

Just as the name implies, the motion of a servo press is controlled by a direct-drive servo motor rather than the traditional flywheel of a mechanical press. The servo motor mated with our new controls allows for an infinite number of motion programs unique to the Amada direct-drive servo press, as well as the ability to slow down the slide at the bottom of the stroke. Because of the wide range of motion, each servo press can produce a greater variety of parts compared to a mechanical press.

Mike Worst, Ajacs product manager for press equipment, likens servo presses to Swiss army knives because of their versatility. He noted that the presses are used for draws, forming, blanking, coining and nearly any other type of product.

Servo presses offer other advantages, including:

  • Better part quality
  • Longer tooling life
  • Lower noise on the factory floor
  • Less energy consumption

The demo press represents an important milestone for AMADA ORII and Ajacs. It’s the first demo press that Amada has installed at a distributor’s facility as well as the first installation of its kind for Ajacs.

Its installation also coincides with AMADA ORII’s year-end sale on stock equipment, which customers can take advantage of by contacting us.

Ajacs, which started as an industrial tooling supplier, saw the demo press as an opportunity to raise awareness that it also sells presses and related equipment, Mike said.

AMADA ORII and Ajacs work well together because of our shared vision. We appreciate Ajacs’ forward-thinking leadership, while Mike says that Ajacs values AMADA ORII’s dedication to forming true, long-term partnerships with customers. “Relationships with customers aren’t viewed as a one-time transaction opportunity.”

Besides Michigan, Ajacs’ territory includes Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. But customers from any area can ask for a demo, Mike said. Demonstrations are available in person and virtually. They can be requested by emailing Mike at or calling him at 800-968-6868.