Stamping Press Business

Since our earliest days, we have provided cutting-edge stamping press for each new era, meeting our customers' press machining needs in a wide range of settings.
Our digital electric servo press series is a standout example of our range of products that are compatible with digital networks and allow the operation or maintenance status to be viewed easily.

Stamping Press

Press Room Automation Business

ORII brand is a well-known name in Japan, having captured 50% of the Japanese automotive metal stamping market since its founding in 1962.

Available in the U.S. and Canada since 1985, Orii coil handling systems and press-to-press transfer systems are among the most dependable systems available,
providing long-term return-on-investment on metal stamping automation machinery that contributes to the growth of our customers.

The company’s highly skilled sales engineers work with our customers to provide the best solutions for their metal stamping needs.
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Coil Line System

AMADA ORII’s press room coil handling system features
an uncoiler, straightener, loop and feeder that
sizes steel plates and feeds them to a press.
The coil line system is suitable for various
processing situations, from small scale to large.

Robot Line System

AMADA ORII’s press-to-press transfer robots quickly
and accurately feed work pieces and can be configured
for a variety of metal stamping requirements.

Spring Machine Business

MEC spring machines are well-respected worldwide, featuring the latest in precision spring forming technology.

AMADA ORII offers wire forming machines for torsion springs, coiling machines for compression springs, canted coil springs, oval
springs and three-dimensional bending springs and extension spring machines for English loops, side loops and U hooks.
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Wire Forming Machines

AMADA ORII offers eight models of wire forming
machines that are capable of producing torsion
springs, distorted extension springs, distorted
compression springs and hose band.

Coiling Machine

MEC coiling machines are used primarily for
compression springs, as well as canted coil springs,
oval springs and three-dimensional bending spring.

Extension Spring Machine

AMADA ORII offers two options for extension spring
machines, with are well suited for producing English
loops, German loops, side loops and U hooks.

Leveling Casters and Pads

AMADA ORII’s leveling casters and pads technology prevents vibrations and noise in equipment used in settings such as offices, factories and hospitals.
Our Carry Set leveling casters enable free movement, installation, and adjustment.

The Level Pad provides stronger vibration-proofing and sound-proofing, and creates a higher degree of freedom for the installation surface.
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Leveling Caster with Anti-Vibration Function

For moving and securing, vibration prevention and level adjustment
of equipment such as OA devices and precision machines.

Leveling Pad with Anti-Vibration and Level Adjustment Function

For highly reliable vibration prevention and wide range of tilt adjustment of industrial machines.