Leveling Casters and Pads Division

Amada Orii leveling casters and anti-vibration pads prevent vibrations and equipment noise in environments such as offices, factories and hospitals. Our carry sets include leveling casters that enable free movement, easy installation and simple adjustments.

Our leveling pads provide strong vibration-proofing and sound-proofing qualities and enable more freedom when selecting an installation surface.

Carry Set: Caster with anti-vibration function:

This set functions as a base for precision machines and OA equipment in locations such as
factories, offices, and hospitals.
-Equipment that often requires moving or level adjustment
-Equipment that emits vibrations and equipment that needs to avoid external vibrations

Features of the Carry Set


  • Movable vibration-proofing equipment
    Movable vibration-proofing equipment

    Leveling casters feature wheels that move in the transfer direction. Industrial leveling casters and pads focus on movability.

  • Excellent vibration-proofing
    Excellent vibration-proofing

    Strong rubber absorbs vibrations emitted by the equipment or external sources.

  • Easy to secure
    Easy to secure

    The leveling casters make securing equipment a breeze: Raise the rubber stopper when moving the equipment, then lower it by turning the handle to secure the equipment in the desired position on the floor.

  • Easy to perform fine level adjustment
    Easy to perform fine level adjustment

    Fine level adjustment of the leveling casters is possible by turning the handle to lower or raise the rubber stopper.

Leveling pads with anti-vibration and level adjustment function

Our leveling pads are highly reliable anti-vibration devices that allow a wide range of level adjustment. They enable stable installation of equipment while also providing excellent anti-vibration and sound-proofing. They reduce vibrations and noise transmitted through the floor, greatly contributing to equipment accuracy and product life.

Features of the Level Pad


  • Securing/leveling of heavy objects
    Securing/leveling of heavy objects

    A single anti-vibration leveling pad can support a wide range of equipment weights, from 300 kg to 4,000 kg.

  • Excellent vibration prevention and sound-proofing
    Excellent vibration prevention and sound-proofing

    The LP series leveling pads feature divided anti-vibration rubber for effective vibration prevention.

  • Machine base does not need to be level! Can be installed on slanted surfaces!
    Can be installed on sloping surfaces
    (LP series)

    Universal washers have been adopted in the installation base of the leveling pads. This enables equipment to be installed on floors with a slight incline (up to 3 degrees).

Eco-friendly and Safe

Strict Durability and Safety Tests
Amada Orii constantly evaluates and improves the safety of its leveling casters and anti-vibration leveling pads. We strive to create products that meet not only legal requirements, but also other requirements we discover from our on-site experience.
Compliant with RoHS Directive
The RoHS directive is a system for reducing hazardous substances implemented by the EU (European Union). It prohibits the inclusion of six specific hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. All Amada Orii leveling casters and anti-vibration leveling pads meet the requirements of this directive, and are designed to be eco-friendly and safe.