Stamping Press Business

Stamping Press

Since their introduction in 1963, Amada stamping presses have led the way in longevity, efficiency and quality. In fact, our internal quality standards are 10-30% more rigorous than the JIS-Class 1 standards most press manufacturers follow.

Our steel frames are thermal stress relieved and shot blasted to create a more stable frame that’s less likely to crack.

Amada mechanical stamping presses run on a high-energy double-reduction transmission that delivers higher torque for maximum work energy output. We’ve been the leader in wet clutch/brakes for over 40 years – often copied, never equaled.

Our digital electric servo press series are network-compatible, allowing operation and maintenance status to be easily viewed.

Amada’s commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure you get a stamping press that offers greater precision, accuracy and efficiency.



  • Our stamping presses are used in a wide range of applications, including:

    Construction – Products made with Amada presses include stays and air vent covers. Our presses are used in the construction of a variety of buildings and other structures, including high-rises, towers, apartment complexes, schools, factories, warehouses and bridges.


    Automobiles – Auto-making is one of the United States’ largest industries, and Amada stamping presses are a critical part of that process. Our presses help make a wide range of components, including drive train parts, seat rails and transmission components.


    Cell phones – The precision and accuracy of our stamping presses are ideally suited for the metal parts and battery cases found in cell phones. Our strong performance and advanced technology combine to produce parts that are precise yet durable.


    Computers – Open up a computer, and you'll see a complex array of metal parts, many made on Amada stamping presses. As computers become smaller and lighter, our presses are constantly evolving to meet the industry's needs.


    Cutlery – Stamping has long been a common production process for everyday cutlery. Our high-quality machines play a key role in making well-designed, user-friendly cutlery.


    Office Supplies – Amada stamping presses are responsible for manufacturing a wide range of office supplies, everything from paper clips to mechanical pencils and more.


  • Amada’s outstanding engineering

    Offering extensive knowledge and the latest in technology, we provide total solutions to meet our customers' needs. Amada has won Japan’s prestigious MF Technology Award four times for collaborations with our customers.

  • SDE GORIKI Series

    A high-rigidity center gib and full guide structure prevent stretching of the frame during pressurization and increase vertical rigidity for high precision and quality in your stamping processes. Winner of the 48th Machining Industry Award for Japanese Brands.

  • Original servo technology

    Our original servo controller features the latest in Amada's proprietary technology including nine motion settings for an unprecedented range of press motion options. This allows you to select just the right stamping process, improving molding performance, precision and cost-effectiveness.

  • SDE series certified as MF Eco Machine

    Our SDE series received MF Eco Machine certification from the Japan Forming Machinery Association for its energy saving, conservation of resources and improvement of working environments. It consumes much less energy, requires less lubricant and produces much less noise than other stamping presses.

  • Specialized software

    We offer unparalleled software options, including maintenance monitoring and tonnage monitoring. Created exclusively for our servo presses, our APINES operation management software provides information such as operation and production history, time monitoring, alarm information and maintenance details, which can be viewed easily, enabling real-time monitoring. Compatible with tablets and smartphones.

  • Service after the sale

    The value we provide doesn't end with the sale. We offer a wide range of services to help you get the most out of your Amada stamping press over the long haul. Factory-trained technicians can provide annual inspections to eliminate unnecessary downtime. We also have a wide variety of parts inventoried in-house and ready for same-day shipping.