Company Profile

  • Corporate Name
  • Established
    in 1984 (Mecha Tech Systems Corporation)
  • Nature of business
    Sales of stamping press, press room automation equipments, spring machines, leveling casters and pads
  • Head office
    1840 Airport Exchange Blvd. #200 Erlanger, Ky 41018 
    TEL:Sales: 1-(859) 746-3318 
           Tech. Support:1-(859) 746-3314
           Parts&Others: 1-(859) 746-3316
    FAX: 1-(859) 746-3319
  • Parent Company
    200 Ishida, Isehara-shi, Kanagawa 259-1196 
    Paid-in Capital 1,491 Million yen
    No. of employees 350 (As of April 2019), 530 (Entire group: As of April 2019)

Parent Company




  • The Orii Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Company was founded by Masaru Orii in 1962 in Tokyo, Japan after eight years of development on a private basis. In 1965, the company introduced the nation's first press room robot. The robot was called the Auto Arm OA-4, and was used to transfer work pieces from a magazine to a press die, operating with a high speed of 200 times per minute. The company continued to grow, producing a wide variety of automation equipment, including robots, coil handling systems, straightener/feeders and leveling equipment.

  • In 1984, Orii Japan established a branch office in the United States in order to provide sales and technical support for the growing North American Market. Mecha Tech Systems Corporation was established in 1986 in St. Marys, Ohio, as a wholly-owned subsidiary and its customer base continued to grow. In 1996, Mecha Tech Systems changed its name to Orii Corporation of America as the Orii name became more widely known internationally. In 1997, the U.S. office moved to the greater Cincinnati area to be more centrally located with better proximity to an international airport.

  • In 2000, Orii entered into a relationship with Automatic Feed Company of Napoleon, Ohio to manufacture the first American-made straightener/feeder combination unit under the name Automatic Orii, using Orii design technology and American electronic control systems. Also in 2000, Orii Corporation of Japan merged with Mec Machinery Company, Ltd. of Japan. As a result, Orii Corporation of America took over subsidiary operations for the Mec Division in North America and the name was changed to Oriimec Corporation of America.

  • Matsuoka Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in Japan in 1972 by Takeji Matsuoka, who started a business to develop, manufacture and sell spring-forming machines and related devices and tools. In 1985, the company changed the name to MEC Machinery Co., Ltd. Today, MEC offers a variety of spring making machinery, including CNC multi-axis spring formers, CNC coiling machines for ultra-fine wire, NC spring formers, extension spring machines and torsion spring machines.

  • In 2013, Orii Japan and Oriimec Corporation of America establishing a branch office in the United States established a branch office in Querétaro, a city in central Mexico to sale press room automation machines and providing services.

  • Today, The Oriimec name has been adopted by the American office, as well as other branch sales and service offices throughout the world. Oriimec Corporation of America operates as a full-service branch office, offering Orii and Mec lines of machines and parts, and providing technical support and troubleshooting for both machinery lines.

  • April 1, 2019 – Oriimec Corporation of America officially announces that our parent company, Orii and Mec Corporation changed its corporate name to AMADA ORII CO., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (Headquarters – Isehara, Kanagawa, Japan). AMADA HOLDINGS CO., LTD. transferred the stamping press business from AMADA MACHINE TOOLS CO., LTD. to AMADA ORII CO., LTD. AMADA ORII employs 539 workers worldwide, including those of the Erlanger, Kentucky-based Oriimec Corporation of America. AMADA ORII develops, manufactures, sells and services stamping presses, coil feed lines, transfer systems, and spring machines.


    • Exit Airport and stay in right lane
      Take slight right onto the KY-236/Donaldson Rd ramp
      Turn right onto Donaldson Rd and then turn left onto Point Pleasant Rd
      Take slight right onto the KY-236/Donaldson Rd ramp
      Turn right onto Airport Exchange Blvd and we will be on the left

    • From I-75 (from the north)

      Follow I-75 S to I-275 west toward Airport
      Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 185 to merge onto I-275 W toward Airport
      Take exit 2 and turn right onto Route 3076/Mineola Pike
      Turn left onto Airport Exchange Blvd and we will be on the right

    • From I-75 (from the south)

      Follow I-75 N to I-275
      Stay to right but left lane as right 2 lanes will exit onto I-275
      Follow exiting lane of I-275 west toward Airport
      Take exit 2 and turn right onto Route 3076/Mineola Pike
      Turn left onto Airport Exchange Blvd and we will be on the right