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Oriimec Corporation of America offers several types of coil processing and spring machine equipment as in-stock items. Known for their high quality and long-term reliability, Orii uncoilers and coil straightener/feeder equipment can be used with a variety of stamping machinery brands. MEC spring machines provide high-speed precision processing of torsion springs, compression springs and extension springs.

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Orii Straightener/Feeder

LCC HR3 Compact Coil Line

The LCC HR3 compact coil line handles a wide range of material from 70 (2.75”) to 600mm (23.6”) wide and up to 6.0mm (0.236) thickness. This coil straightener/feeder is Orii’s best-selling model for mid-range thickness applications. The unit’s compact footprint offers excellent handling and operability with high precision and reliability via the straightener/feeder’s Allen Bradley control system. Learn more about the LCC HR3 coil straightener/feeder.



MEC Spring Machines

CLS-16II Extension Spring Machine

This 11-axis spring machine enables high-speed production, with simultaneous coiling and raising of both ends for making hooks in each stage. The CLS-16II extension spring machine is ideal for English hooks and double loops and provides improved processing of German hooks, U hooks, and other atypical hooks. Learn more about the CLS-16II extension spring machine.



SF-1 CNC Coiling Machine

Designed for ultra-fine wire of less than 20 µm, the SF-1 CNC coiling machine features MEC’s new operating system, is user-friendly and supports multi-functional production management. This coiling machine enables a feed roller diameter of 16 mm and an ultimate wire guide length of 6 mm to further expand the processing range of ultra-thin wire springs. Learn more about the SF-1 CNC coiling machine.



DZ-3 Coiling Torsion Spring Machine

This fine wire spring machine offers high speed and high accuracy of coiling and bending with three 3D slides that enable the creation of complex spring shapes. Learn more about the DZ-3 coiling torsion spring machine.



TM-3II CNC Multi-Axis Spring Former

This is the ultimate spring forming machine for small diameter wire, featuring a rotary tooling table that offers a stable wire line and auto-compensation of the tooling position while the table is turning. The TM-3II features the new MEC operating system, which controls operation, gauging and multifunctional production management. Learn more about the TM-3II CNC multi-axis spring former.



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All in stock equipment is ready for delivery or private showing.

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