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AMADA ORII, its subsidiaries, and associated companies ("the AMADA ORII Group") will comply with laws regarding the protection of personal information and appropriately handle personal information according to the privacy policy indicated below. We will also review and improve our policy regarding the protection of personal information as required.

We may ask users who make queries on this site and other websites operated by the AMADA ORII Group ("AMADA ORII Group websites") to provide information that enables the individual to be identified ("personal information"), such as their name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

Personal information received by the AMADA ORII Group is mainly used for the following purposes:

  • -Responding to queries about AMADA ORII Group products and services.
  • -Providing information when a user requests materials about the AMADA ORII Group.
  • -Reviewing and notifying applicants who seek employment in the AMADA ORII Group.

The AMADA ORII Group will not disclose personal information to a third party without the consent of the user. However, the following exceptions apply:

  • -When disclosing information to outsourcing companies or business partners that have entered a confidentiality agreement with the AMADA ORII Group, in order to conduct business.
  • -When required to do so by law, etc.

The AMADA ORII Group takes the utmost care to appropriately protect and manage personal information it receives to prevent information from being leaked or altered.

AMADA ORII Group websites identify user computers and devices by their IP address. This information is used mainly for the following purposes:

  • -When identifying and resolving server problems.
  • -When performing other website management and administration.

We do not link recorded IP addresses with personal information to identify individuals.

  • -AMADA ORII Group websites include links to websites not managed by AMADA ORII.
  • -The linked websites' policies on the handling of personal information, cookies, etc. may differ from those of the AMADA ORII Group websites.
  • -AMADA ORII accepts no responsibility for the content or privacy policies of websites that are linked from AMADA ORII Group websites.
  • -This privacy policy is subject to change to improve the protection of personal information or respond to changes in the law. Any revisions to the privacy policy will be promptly posted to this website.