Unlike conventional machines that are secured to the foundation with an anchor bolt, this product comes with a carry set.
This enables immediate operation after delivery and free changing of the layout.

■The machinery can be moved using the internal ball.
■Anti-vibration rubber separated into 12 parts enables excellent vibration prevention.
■Turn the cross-shaped handle for easy level adjustment.
■Fine adjustment can be easily performed due to the large screw diameter of the jack part.

CS Seriesの写真

  • Installation and Handling.

    Click here for information on installation and handling.

  • Simple moving and installation with a handle

    Move this product by turning the handle in the clockwise direction and grounding the ball. To install it, raise the ball and perform level adjustment while using the rubber cushion.

  • CAD data

    CAD data is provided at a 1:1 scale in .dxf format. The file is zipped, and needs to be unzipped before use. Click here to download.

Model Maximum
load per unit
D diameter H h Installation base
B b Supported
Moving unit
CS-02 200kg 139 57 28 44 93(191) M12 P1.75 ~67(164) 12 Steel ball
diameter 38
CS-06 600kg 167 60 32 54 104(189) M16 P2.0 ~70(155) 14 Steel ball
diameter 41

●Unit: mm
●The above H measurement is the height when the ball is touching the floor.
●Values in parentheses are long bolt specifications.

Material Installation method
Frame Jack Anti-vibration rubber Steel ball Installation bolt
FC300 FC300 NBR SUJ2 SS400 Attach the installation bolt to
the anchor bolt hole of
the machine.
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