Our level pads are highly reliable industrial anti-vibration devices that enable a wide range of level adjustment.

This series enables stable installation of equipment while also providing excellent vibration-proofing and sound-proofing.

These products reduce vibrations and noise transmitted through the floor, greatly contributing to equipment accuracy and product life.

■The anti-vibration rubber is divided into 4 parts for effective vibration-proofing.

■The cross-shaped handle enables easy level adjustment.

LP Seriesの写真

  • Keeps the machine horizontal even on slanted floors

    Universal (spherical) washers are used in the installation base to keep the machine horizontal even on slanted floors (maximum incline 3 degrees).

  • Installation and Handling.

    Click here for information on installation and handling.

  • CAD data

    CAD data is provided at a 1:1 scale in .dxf format. The file is zipped, and needs to be unzipped before use. Click here to download.

Model Maximum
load per unit
W H w h Installation
base diameter
B b Anti-vibration
LP-03 300kg 110 49 95 28 42 80(154) M12 P1.75 21 ~55(128) 15
LP-06 600kg 130 51 115 31 60 84(172) M16 P2.00 24 ~55(142) 15
LP-12 1,200kg 180 68 166 34 80 90(173) M18 P2.50 26 ~57(140) 26
LP-18 1,800kg 220 75 206 38 95 90(165) M20 P2.50 28 ~54(124) 25

●Unit: mm

●Values in parentheses are long bolt specifications.

Material Installation method
Frame Jack Anti-vibration rubber Installation bolt
FC250 FC300 NBR SS400 Attach the installation bolt
to the anchor bolt hole of
the machine.
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