The RY series of press-to-press transfer robots now includes a one-touch hand engagement/disengagement unit.

This greatly shortens the time required for exchanging the hand unit during preparation work,
as well as reducing labor since the bolt fixing method is now tool-free.

One-touch Hand Engagement/Disengagement Unitの写真

  • No tools required! One-touch exchanging with a single button
  • Air pressure drive means that an extra hydraulic driving source is not required
  • The hand part attachment (unit holder) can also be installed with the previous bolt fixing method.

    Note that when using an existing hand part attachment (unit holder), extra cone-shaped work is required for the U-cut area.

  • A vacuum pressure route is connected during installation, as with the previous bolt fixing method.

    As with previous models, the connector for magnet wiring requires manual installation.

Item Description
Safety mechanisms Spring inside cylinder to prevent disengagement when the air supply is reduced Hand part engagement detection (optional)/air pressure detection (optional)
Driving source for hand part disengagement Air cylinder
Pressure used 0.7 (MPa) (booster valve used)
Minimum air supply (source pressure) 0.4 (MPa)
Weight increased relatively to bolt fixing method 0.5 (kg) (single hand amount) *See "4." below

1. Can only be applied to the 3 RY-120 and 1 RYN-120 types with the T-shape feed bar cross-section.
2. The hand part attachment (unit holder YCU10A, YCU10B) for the RY-100 and RY-080 cannot be used.
3. When using an existing hand part attachment (unit holder YCU12A, YCU12B, etc.), extra cone-shaped work is required for the specified U-cut area.
4. The unit weight of each hand is around 0.5kg heavier than that of previous products. Vibrations may therefore be slightly higher during transfer.
5. 5. When an existing device is modified, the die interference range may differ slightly from that of a device provided by Oriimec.
6. Operations are performed by using the touch panel of the individual device for the RYN120 (servo drive type) and by using a button switch for the RY-120 (cam drive type).
7. Please contact your Oriimec sales representative if you want to use clamp handling as the work retention method.
8. Clamp handling cannot be used in conjunction with hand part engagement detection.
9. Information and photos included in this booklet are for prototypes. Appearances, specifications, etc. are subject to change without notice.

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