The RHQ and RHN press transfer systems offer the best-in-class in transfer speeds and accuracy. The RHQ offers full synchronization with stamping presses via a remote control panel, while the RHN offers the same capabilities with an overhead controller.

RHQ/RHN 2-axis press transfer systemの写真

  • Advanced conveyance robot offering high speed, stability and enhanced operability.

    The RHN120 series of inter-press conveyance robots provides the best-in-class conveyance speed with superior accuracy, greatly increasing productivity compared to previous models. With safety at the base of all improvements, this series enhances ORII & MEC’s already well-established smooth, high-speed conveyance and advanced accuracy. A friendlier interface and one-touch removal system are just a few of the improvements that ensure precise performance to meet the needs of the next generation of customers.

  • Best-in-class conveyance speed.

    Cycle time has been reduced from 1.7 seconds (existing models) to 1.5 seconds, establishing a best-in-class conveyance speed which

    contributes to efficiency and energy conservation.

  • Reliable, stable conveyance

    Improved feed bar flexibility and support methods. Reduced vibration of the hand unit enhances conveyance speed.

  • User-friendly, multi-functional operations

    Built-in panel interface facilitates better operability and visibility. Teaching functions are more convenient, switching lines is easier than ever, and the various energy-saving modes make environmentally-conscious operations routine.

  • Newly developed one-touch removal system

    The RHN Robot Series now comes with our unique one-touch hand removal device as part of the standard specifications, greatly reducing time required to replace units for setup changes. The one-touch removal method introduces a tool-free system that replaces the bolted on method, trimming the work required for adjustments.


Model RHN120S1 RHN120L1
Feed Length mm(inch) 1,001~1,200 (39~47) 1,201~1,500 (47~59)
Vertical Stroke mm(inch) 10~100 (1~3) 10~100 (1~3)
Cycle Time ※1 sec 1.5~ 2.3~
Max.Workpiece Weight ※2 kg(lb) 4.0×2 (8.8×2) 4.0×2 (8.8×2)
Repeatability mm(inch) ±0.3 (±0.012) ±0.3 (±0.012)
Servo Motor Power kW 3.0 (Feed) 1.5 (Up/Down)
Workpiece pick up Vacuum ・ Magnet
Weight kg(lb) 300 (661) 300 (661)

※1 Rarely affected by Workpiece form.
※2 The total weight of Workpiece and finger.

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