This robot enables the transfer of large sized workpieces that cannot be transferred with RY robots.

Two variations are available: the RYN200S, which supports a feed length of up to 2,500 mm(98ft) and a work weight of up to 8 kg(17lb),

and the RYN300S, which supports a feed length of up to 3,000 mm(117ft) and work weight of up to 16 kg(35lb).

An AC servo motor is used for smooth and highly accurate feeding.

RYN Robotの写真

  • Use various functions to assemble efficient lines.

    Combine peripheral components centered on the press and RYN robot. A destacker for separating work pieces one at a time and delivering them to the robot. Multiple functions can be included in a line for efficient operation, such as a turnover for turning work pieces over between processes and an unloader for unloading the work pieces. This enables lines to be assembled to meet various needs, further enhancing performance.

Model RYN200S2 RYN300S2
Feed Length(Always selected) mm(inch) 1,800~2,500 (70~98) ~3,000 (~118)
Vertical Stroke(Always selected mm(inch) 50~100 (2~3) 50~100 (2~3)
Max.Workpiece Weight(※1) kg(lb) 8.0×2 (17×2) 16.0×2 (35×2)
Cycle Time(※2) sec 4.0~ 4.5~
Workpiece pick up - Vacuum / Magnet
Weight kg(lb) 1,600 (3,527) 2,800 (6,173)

※1;The total weight of Workpiece and finger. ※2;Rarely affected by Workpiece form. ※ Specifications are subject for improvement without notice.

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