High flexibility and the ultimate in space-saving design.

Our RYN-W robot system opens up new possibilities for the automation of multiple presses.

RYN-W Robotの写真

  • High performance and space saving

    Only Oriimec can provide a refined and simple structure that provides high performance, yet is easy to install, cost-efficient and compact. The drive unit is located between presses to make efficient use of space.

  • Extremely flexible line configurations

    The drive unit can be installed anywhere in the line, enabling flexible line configurations to be constructed according to the conditions of the factory.

  • High operability and functionality

    Oriimec’s user-first design philosophy shows in the independent and easy-to-use NC operation panel. The operation method and layout have been designed with functions and procedures in mind to enable easier and more reliable operation.

  • Assembly shared with the RY series.

    All accessories are completely compatible with our best-selling RY series. This allows them to be freely shared, making this product a logical choice in terms of economic value and preparation.

Model RYN110W RYN150W
Feed Length mm(inch) ~1,250 (~49) ~1,750 (~68)
Vertical Stroke mm(inch) ~60 (~2) ~100 (~3)
Cycle Time(※1) sec 1.7~ 2.5~
Max.Workpiece Weight(※2) kg(lb) 3.0 (6) 4.0 (8)
Repeatability mm(inch) ±0.3 (±0.012)
Servo Motor Power(Feed) - AC Servo 7.0kW AC Servo 11.0kW
Drive System(Up/Down) - geared motor、frequency controller
Workpiece pick up - Vacuum / Magnet
Control System - NC Control(PLC)
Number of basic press units consolidated - ~5 units

※1;Rarely affected by Workpiece form. ※2;The total weight of Workpiece and finger. ※ Specifications are subject for improvement without notice.

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