Sheet & Coil Handling Equipment

Coil Feeder Lines

Amada Orii offers an extensive range of coil feeder lines, capable of handling widths from 10mm (0.3”) to 1300mm (51”) to provide the flexibility you need in your press feeding systems. All seven lines offer efficient roll feeding and integrate with other ORII press automation equipment.

Sheet Feeders

The Amada Orii sheet feeder features an efficient design to work as closely as possible with compact presses. It is engineered specifically to meet the challenging demands of multi-product, variable-quantity production.

Coil Straightener Lines

Amada Orii produces a coil straightener to meet any need – thin stock, compact presses, precision processing and more. The company designs its coil straighteners for the demanding, real-world challenges of today’s press operations.

Coil Cradles with Straighteners

Amada Orii’s coil cradle with straightener lines incorporate leading technology to provide outstanding coil straightening quickly and efficiently with a high level of accuracy.

Uncoilers with Straighteners

Our combined uncoiler and straightener saves spaces and allows for flexible machine layouts.