Do you have problems like nuisance maintenance of pneumatic equpment and failures due to unknown causes?

Most of the problems are caused by the buildup of contamination (water, oil, and dirt) in compressed air.

You can decrease your problems greatly and eliminate nuisance maintenance just by using a WELL AIR filter.

Oriimec is now offering the DT Series of WELL AIR filters, which are ideal for use in environments that contain dust and oil.

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    The WELL AIR filter is installed at the end of the air supply line. Since the performance of the separator does not deteriorate over time, it does not require any maintenance and it is easy to use.


    Conventional water removing methods use both a dryer and a filter, and they work as follows: A refrigeration type dryer is installed near the compressor, in order to cool the air (thus removing the moisture). An air filter and regulator are installed on an air line after the water drain outlet, to remove impurities. Conventional methods have the following disadvantages: 1.) A long pipe between the dryer and the pneumatic device at the end of the airline will allow water droplets to form inside the pipe due to temperature variations and other causes, 2.) Over time, the performance of a filter may deteriorate and 3.) Maintenance tasks, such as replacing filters, are a nuisance.


    The WELL AIR doesn’t use any special elements such as filters and drying agents, nor does it require power, heat, or freon. Therefore, its performance will not deteriorate. It is a dramatically small and lightweight compressed air water remover using a new collision separation method that allows maintenance-free operation.


  • Advantages

    1. Decreased pneumatic equipment problems Most pneumatic equipment problems, such as problems with cylinders, solenoid valves, and pneumatic motors, are caused by water in the air lines. By removing the water (and other drains), you can decrease the number of problems and improve the operation rate.


    2. Extended life span of pneumatic equipment Pneumatic equipment problems are often caused by rust formed when water lodges in the air lines, or by dust and fibers in the air lines, which occur before the parts are worn out.


    3. Decreased sudden breakdowns and improved precision Some of the causes of sudden stops and poor precision in pneumatic equipment are moisture and oil stuck in air lines, which affects stroke speed.


    4. Decreased NG rate when making products When blowing compressed air on products, residue in an air line may be sprayed onto a product and cause it to be faulty.


    5. Decreased maintenance on equipment By installing a WELL AIR water remover, you can decrease the amount of equipment maintenance.

  • 8 Major Features of the WELL AIR

    High Performance: Provides high performance, eliminating 99.99 % (almost 100%) of the moisture.

    Permanent Perfomance: There is no performance deterioration over time, and it can be used permanently.

    No Need for Dew-Point Controls: Since the WELL AIR employs a new, high-performance moisture separation method, there is no need for dew-point controls.

    No Filter: The WELL AIR does not need any extra elements, such as filters and drying agents.

    No Freon: Since the WELL AIR does not use freon, it is easy on the environment.

    No Need for Power: The WELL AIR does not need any external power or heat.

    Can be Used With Different Pressures: Since the WELL AIR eliminates the drain from the moment air flow starts, there is no need to bleed some air when starting to work.

    Compact and Lightweight: The WELL AIR is compact and lightweight. It does not need much space and can be installed inside a pneumatic device.

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